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Beyond PPE

A Naturopathic Approach to Covid-19

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The Coronavirus, the source of the 2019 pandemic, has plagued the world since the end of 2019.  Millions have been infected or lost their lives.  The virus has been examined extensively.  How it spreads, how do we stop the spread? What symptoms does it cause? What medications are effective? How long will it take to get a vaccine? While these questions are necessary, along with the answers, are we still missing something? Are there other questions that should be asked and answered? Such as, is there a correlation between nutrient deficiencies and how the body responds to viruses?  Could nutrient sufficiency be the reason why some people are able to mount a correct response to the virus with either having no symptoms or mild symptoms? Take a journey with me as we look at the creation account in Genesis and see how God gives us ways to support our immune system during a pandemic


How to Get God's Attention in Fasting

A Guide to Healthy Fasting

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Fasting has been instituted by many different religions and for many different reasons.  So what makes a believer in the God of the Bible and of Jesus Christ, fast different?  There seems to be more to getting God’s attention while fasting other than turning down our plates.   In this study we will take a walk through the scriptures and see how God responded when fasting was instituted.  We will look at what actions caused God to react in response to fasting. We will also explore the physical benefits of fasting and how having a lifestyle of fasting may prevent chronic illness.

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